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Crinkle Kids

Join Comet, our fearless leader, and her crew of furry friends from all corners of the galaxy on an exciting journey to nurture your inner child and be the ultimate friend. Our characters come in all shapes and sizes, scattered throughout our range of products, ready to guide you on this magical quest to explore, learn, and grow together.
These delightful characters will capture your heart with their infectious love for fun and friendship. Our mascots are scattered throughout our amazing range of products, so you can always have a little piece of their adventurous spirit with you. Whether you're feeling big or small, they'll be right by your side, ready to blast off into excitement and joy in their own little space.
So, join us and embark on this incredible journey with Comet and her furry friends. Let's learn, grow, and explore together in the most magical way imaginable. After all, at Crinkle Kit, we believe that we're all big kids on the most extraordinary little adventures!

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