Our Adventure So Far

Once upon a time, in the year 2020, our epic space adventure began. It was during the troublesome times of covid when the world was facing many different challenges. Like many others, we too struggled to stay afloat. But amidst the chaos, we witnessed the strength and resilience of the community around us. They inspired us, filled our hearts with joy, and sparked a desire within us to create something meaningful and give back in a big way.

 As we navigated through personal hardships and the pain of loss, a glimmer of hope emerged from the ashes. It was then that Crinkle Kit was born, with the creation of our very first onesie, the Scorcher. With the help of my partner at the time, we embarked on a mission to transform everyone into fierce little dragons, embodying strength and radiating a fiery light during dark times.

 We must admit, our journey had its fair share of bumps along the way. After all, who doesn't stumble a bit during their first year of adventure? But we embraced the challenges and embraced the lessons they taught us. You see, we had no idea how to run a company, but through perseverance and passion, we learned and grew.

We set out to launch our Kickstarter campaign in March of 2021 to fund our very first onesie release. And guess what? It was a success! Then, in the following July, we proudly launched our website, another step forward in this grand adventure of ours.

Oh, what an extraordinary adventure it has been! However, just like stars in the night sky, sometimes relationships change their course. My ex-partner and I made the decision to part ways. So, we took a break from the vast realm of social media from mid-2022 until the dawn of the new year in 2023. It gave us the chance to regroup, reorganize ourselves, and embark on a fresh journey.

 And now, dear friends, with renewed energy and an unyielding spirit, we are ready to continue our cosmic odyssey. We invite you to join us on this magical expedition as we create and explore, bringing joy and wonder to all who seek adventure in this vast universe.

About Us

Have you ever wondered about who started Crinkle Kit and continues to run it today? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Comet and Tiny, part of the Cosmic Aquarium system. Tiny is the little one, brimming with creativity, while Comet takes on the role of emotional caregiver. Together, we make quite a team!

In our journey through the ABDL community, we have been met with nothing but kindness and support. This incredible community has helped us discover ourselves and embrace our truest selves. With the help of close friends and the community's guidance, we have gained confidence in our roles as a little and caregiver. It's been a joyous realization that being little is perfectly okay, no matter how big we are.

Now, we hope to inspire and teach, just as others have done for us. We have a deep passion for drawing, sewing, and adventure-filled travels. Exploring the Aquarium and getting close to our squiddy friends brings us immense joy. Though we may initially be a little shy, we are always eager to make new friends and share in the excitement of this incredible journey.

Thank you all for joining us on this whimsical voyage. Let's embrace our inner child together and create memories that will last a lifetime!