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Are you an artist wanting to join the Crinkle Kit graphic design team? We'd love to have you! Our team takes great pride in collaborating with talented artists like yourself who want to make a lasting impact in the ABDL industry. We focus on BabyFur and ABDL artists, while also supporting talented individuals from diverse communities and embracing their unique talents.
Ready for an artistic adventure? Send us an email at and introduce yourself! Don't forget to include your portfolio, highlighting your artistic journey and a delightful variety of your artworks. A link to your website or social media will also help us understand your style and explore potential collaborations.

We can't wait to hear from you! Meanwhile, take a look at our fantastic gallery below featuring the talents of artists we've collaborated with in the past. It's a joyous ride, much like embarking on a grand space adventure, and we're excited to have you on board. Remember, we're all big kids on little adventures here at Crinkle Kit!

  • Cosmic Aquarium

    You may know us as Tiny or Comet or maybe even Echo. As a creative system we try our best to contribute to the community in our own unique ways. From art commissions both digital and traditional, to Fursuit accessories and clothing designs. We give off three kids in a trench coat vibes. If you provide us with tea we will have enough energy to talk about some of our special interests like music and octopuses.

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  • Teddy Flor

    Teddy still thinking...

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  • Bubble Puppers

    Bubbles is a Mexican artist who has been doodling poofy animals since 2013! It loves, chocolate, dinosaurs, otters and bugs!

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  • Rin-Usagi

    Hi! I'm the bunny that littles mistake as a giant plushie, RinUsagi! A graphic designer and illustrator powered by caffeine and all things cute. I make illustrations, print designs, social media design & imagery, and advertising designs. I love cuddling my plushies and doing chores for candy!

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  • Marci McAdam

    Cute, colourful, and bursting with joy–if you’re looking for art featuring adorable animals, you’ve come to the right place. I love drawing furry characters of all ages, but I’m especially known for my “littles”.

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  • You?!

    Attention all artists! Join our whimsical adventure! Send us art samples & introduce yourself. Let's create magic together! 🎨✨
    Come explore the galaxy with Crinkle Kit, where imagination knows no bounds! 🚀💫 .

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