Clover Single Pose By Fabi

Hi there! It's your playful pal Clover, the spunky calico kitty of Crinkle Kit. At a babyfur, I'm always up for a good time! I'm curious about everything. I love to play, listen, and be a little bit silly. Shiny things? They're like magic beams that capture my attention! And when it's time to rest, I curl up in cozy sun spots for purr-fect cat naps. My special interests include drawing, plushie pals, and the mysteries of marine biology. Fish crackers, chicken nuggies, and pawsicles make my tummy super happy! Stormy weather and sudden loud noises? Not my cup of tea! If things get mischievous, my cuteness saves the day.

Official Clover Ref by Fabi
Clover Single Pose by Fabi
Clover Single Pose Diapered Version By Fabi