Comet Wordmark
Comet Single Pose with Cookie By Fabi

Hi kiddos! My name is Comet and I'm a caregiver. I help run Crinkle Kit and keep the kiddos entertained around here. My mission is to travel the galaxy helping those around me explore their little space and build strong community. I hope to help encourage everyone to feel comfortable being themselves no matter how big or small they may be feeling. I love finding new ways to spark the childlike wonder in folk, and share tips and tricks to fellow caregivers as well. I really enjoy things like baking, gardening, and doing arts and crafts with the little ones.

Comet Official Ref Sheet By Fabi
Original Ref made by Opal
Fursuit Ref by GoresGallows
Pre School Teacher Artwork by Opal
Comet Badge by Marci
Mascot Design Contest Winning Image by FoxKissus