Hey new friends! Name's Orbit, the coolest Golden Retriever in town. I'm 12 years old, and boy, do I bring the party wherever I go! No task is too big or too small for me. I'm very loyal to those I like, and I'm always there to lend a paw when you need it. Now, let me tell you, I've got a wild side! You won't find anyone more easily excitable than me. It's all part of my charm though, I promise, sorry if I come off as annoying!
Now, let's talk about my excitement. I can't help it—I get easily worked up and super thrilled about everything! When it comes to hanging out with friends, it's my absolute favorite. I can chat up a storm, especially when it comes to my special interests. Sports, trading card games, video games, and trains, you name it—I'm obsessed!
Ever heard of organized chaos? Well, that's the system I've got going on in my room. It's like a tornado hit it, but hey, I know where everything is! My special interests may take up some space, but who needs a tidy room when you've got a world of excitement at your paws?
When I'm not busy being awesome, I enjoy hikes and chasing my tail. It's like a never-ending adventure! And to top it all off, I rock a stylish blue bandana around my neck. It's my signature look that screams "cool dog coming through!"