About Us

About Us

Welcome to Crinkle Kit. We are a furry run ABDL shop that currently focuses on both printed and premium onesie designs. We are excited to grow and give back to a community that has given us so much.


We started our company with the hope to fill a need within the community. For so long we heard grumblings that everyone wished there was proper adult sized pull-ups that didn't look like granny panties. Pull-ups that could be practical and have cute and wonderful designs on them. We spent close to a year reaching out to different manufacturers, purchasing product samples, trying to work things out and make this a reality. To this day, we still want to make this happen. We are still seeking out manufacturers, wanting to make this idea a reality. We are making progress and getting closer!

As we were doing this research, there was a big loss within the community. This loss hit hard, and it led to creativity to help mourn the loss. Through this creativity, the design and creation of our very first product, the Scorcher onesie, came to be. We successfully held a Kickstarter campaign which has allowed us to see the creation of our design as well as hire other artists in the community to help make other onesie designs! These steps were the beginning of Crinkle Kit.


We are a company that supports the ABDL and LGBTQ+ communities. We want to design and create products that cater to many different needs. We specifically create our products without tags to help those with sensory issues be more comfortable in our products. We want to be inclusive of many walks of life with plans to bring out many different styles and designs to wear and be happy in. We strive to provide quality products for ABDLs, regressors, kinksters, and those in the LGBTQ+ community and more.