Greetings, dear adventurers! We hope you had an amazing November and are ready for the magical journey that awaits us in December. As we prepare for the upcoming new year, we're busy organizing and getting ready to share some exciting surprises with you. The anticipation is absolutely bubbling! We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support of our small shop. It truly means the world to us.

Speaking of adventures, have you met our newest companions? Introducing the Crinkle Kids: Clover, Orbit, and Scorcher! These delightful characters will capture your heart with their infectious love for fun and friendship. Whether you're feeling big or small, they'll be right by your side, ready to blast off into excitement and joy in their own little space.

So, join us and embark on this incredible journey with Comet and the Crinkle Kids. Let's learn, grow, and explore together in the most magical way imaginable. After all, at Crinkle Kit, we believe that we're all big kids on the most extraordinary little adventures!


Clover: Hi there! It's your playful pal Clover, the spunky calico kitty of Crinkle Kit. At three and a half years young, I'm always up for a good time! I love to play, listen, and be a little bit silly. Shiny things? They're like magic beams that capture my attention! And when it's time to rest, I curl up in cozy sun spots for purr-fect cat naps. My special interests include drawing, plushie pals, and the mysteries of marine biology. Fish crackers, chicken nuggies, and pawsicles make my tummy super happy! Stormy weather and sudden loud noises? Not my cup of tea! If things get mischievous, my cuteness saves the day. Let's go on adventures together!

Orbit: Yo! I'm Orbit, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever puppy who's got your back. I'm mega-helpful and loyal, always there to lend a paw. I'm told my words race faster than shooting stars as I gush about my favorite things: sports, trading card games, video games, and more! My favourite sports right now are Football, Soccer, and Hockey. It's hard picking one favourite y'know? I also dig hiking and chasing my tail, and you'll always spot me rocking my blue bandana. I'm a bit of a klutz when I'm trying to be helpful. And hey, accidents happen, right? I may be potty trained, but sometimes my excitement gets the better of me.

Hey, it's Scorcher, your fiery friend! I'm an eight-year-old Red Dragon who's always ready for adventure. Wild and loud? You bet! Brave and daring? That's me! I'm quite the prankster and enjoy playing tricks on people. It's always fun to keep everyone on their toes. When it comes to things that pique my interest, I absolutely love fighting games and roughhousing. The rush of adrenaline during friendly battles truly makes me feel alive. Time outs are a definite no-no for me. Being bored is the worst feeling ever! Oh, and naps, well, I prefer being active and doing things, although secretly, I do enjoy cozying up with someone.

🎉 Presenting our Winter Holiday 2023 Limited Release! 🎁

 Brace yourself for two enchanting T-shirts crafted specifically for the holidays. The first one, "Baking Besties," showcases the heartwarming image of Comet and Orbit baking delicious gingerbread together. It's a delightful reminder of the joy of creating something special with a friend. The second tee, "Cookie Tester," captures the whimsical moment when Clover and Scorcher indulge in scrumptious gingerbread cookies. Who can resist the sweet temptation?

Get ready to showcase these marvelous T-Shirts and spread joy wherever you go. They're simply perfect for your little holiday adventures and will bring smiles to everyone you encounter. Let the holiday spirit shine bright through your playful outfits!

These designs disappear on January 1st 2024